Boston Sub-Zero Appliance Repair Service

Sub-Zero appliance repair has never been easier than when working with Sub-Zero Repair of Boston. Our certified technicians are dedicated to addressing your concerns. Whether you can’t chill your white wine for that dinner date because your cooler won’t turn on or there’s constant leakage all over your groceries and floor, we are here to save the day. Our years of experience, intensive training and proven track record set us apart from other Sub-Zero appliance repair services in the area. Unlike the standard “do-it-yourself” fix, our techs are highly skilled at troubleshooting and utilizing the most advanced testing equipment.

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When to Contact Sub-Zero Repair of Boston

As appliance repair experts, we recommend contacting us in the event of an unexpected repair problem. Perhaps, you’ve noticed a peculiar noise coming from your freezer and find it disturbing or the fan doesn’t work and needs a replacement. In all of these cases, you can count on our professional assistance. But these aren’t the only problems that require Sub-Zero appliance repair. Others include:

  • Water dispenser fails to functions
  • Ice builds up quickly around the freezer base
  • Food items and drinks get warm rather than chilled
  • Water leakage when in use
  • Error codes display often
  • Appliance doesn’t defrost properly
  • Appliance fails to turn on

These are but a few of the common problems faced by Sub-Zero owners, and there are more. Don’t wait until the problem spirals out of control and the repair cost begins to pile up. Your buddies know that your Boston wine cooler is top-of-the-line and they can’t wait to taste your wine collection. What they don’t know is that your machine is in trouble. You can avoid such heartache by hiring our Sub-Zero appliance repair technicians.

Get Warranties for Sub-Zero Appliance Repair

Top-notch appliance repair should be coupled with excellent warranties, which is why we offer one for each unit we fix. Not only are we a team of accredited Sub-Zero appliance repair experts, but we also stand behind our work by guaranteeing our OEM parts and labor. You won’t have to worry about getting your machine fixed and then finding that the problem reappears within a few days, weeks, or months.

Certified Technicians at Sub-Zero Repair of Boston

Selecting our team of certified appliance repair technicians, you get the peace of mind needed to enjoy your units. We are committed to keeping up with the latest technology and trends. It doesn’t matter what model you own or how old it is, our Sub-Zero appliance repair engineers have the expertise and authorization to fix it. We don’t just fix the unit; we optimize its performance to produce excellent results. Over time, clients have come to trust our services, earning us countless positive testimonials.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Tools and Software

Like most appliance repair jobs, we recommend using appropriate diagnostic kits and software to guarantee an effective fix. We have a wide range of software and equipment that we utilize in Sub-Zero appliance repair services. These powerful diagnostic tools troubleshoot your unit for potential faults. With that, we monitor and evaluate the health status of your equipment’s cooling system, controls, and motors. It also ensures that our techniques and materials comply with the manufacturer’s standards.

Our Sub-Zero Appliance Repair Techs Service Your Equipment Implementing Utmost Care

One appliance repair concern arising in many cases is handling. The factor is especially important when providing Sub-Zero appliance repair services for the brand’s refrigeration line-ups, which tend to be pricey. No one would love to spend over $12,000 on a side-by-side refrigerator only to have it manhandled like a crappy old toaster in a back alley. Hence, we implement great care while working on your unit, using only certified repair kits. Nothing is more important than your satisfaction with the repair. That's what we've built our reputation upon over the years.

We Use Only Approved OEM Components for Sub-Zero Appliance Repair

If it’s not a manufacturer-approved Sub-Zero appliance repair part, it’s not worth installing. Our Boston technicians take full responsibility for everything they do. From heat exchanger to door gasket, everything we install on your unit is new, designed, and approved for Sub-Zero appliance repair. That ensures the integrity of your appliance and maximizes its performance and longevity. Our warehouse is stocked with only OEM-approved parts, which guarantee exceptional quality and results. This experience and more is only a phone call away.