Sub-Zero Freezer Repair

Appliance repair technicians at Sub-Zero Repair of Boston are well aware that each type of freezer model has a very specific design. Although complementary to their hefty price tags in terms of quality, durability, and performance, such machines are not invincible. For this reason, the need for regular maintenance and repairs will unavoidably arise at some point. But it’s not time to bid your frozen groceries goodbye yet, as we are available to offer Sub-Zero appliance repair services at your convenience.

Some common problems we resolve include:

  • Faulty start relay
  • Water leakage
  • Cooling or freezing problem
  • Appliance doesn’t defrost
  • Warmer compartments
  • Excessive frost build-up around the evaporator coils
  • Weird noises from the unit

When any of these issues are present, be assured to contact us immediately. Our courteous and skilled technicians will ensure all affected parts are fixed and the freezer is restored. And you know what the coolest part is? We work around your schedule and provide 20% off Sub-Zero appliance repair labour if you are hiring us for the first time. That way, there’s less downtime for you and still very affordable pricing!

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair

Sub-Zero Repair of Boston offers all-inclusive appliance repair services for your refrigerator as well. Think of that upcoming holiday get-together you’ve been looking forward to for weeks. Or how about that all-important family reunion? You might as well consider it off if your refrigerator doesn’t work. But with our high-quality, speedy Sub-Zero appliance repair services, you need not panic over possible food spoilage. Count on us to come to your home quickly and repair your appliance right away.

Problems your refrigerator may have could include:

  • Water leakage
  • Food and drinks not cooling
  • Condenser light stays activated
  • Appliance doesn’t work
  • Poor temperature regulation
  • Damaged door seal
  • Items freeze quickly but fail to defrost

It goes without saying that you don’t want any of these issues to get in the way of your daily routine. And when they do, you can be sure that we’ll help fix your appliance in a jiffy. Our technicians are skilled and trained to service all types of Sub-Zero units. We only use factory-approved parts in repairing your home equipment to give it that top condition. Contact us today for a fast and affordable Sub-Zero appliance repair.

Sub-Zero Cooler Repair

Our appliance repair services are incomplete without some Sub-Zero cooler repair. Coolers work just like fridges but they are designed to keep drinks at a desired temperature even during the peak heat of summer or coldest winter months. But if the unthinkable happens and yours gives out on you, don’t worry, we have you covered. We’ll quickly diagnose your cooler, fix it, and restore it to its original condition so you can keep enjoying your beverages. Our Sub-Zero appliance repair services cater to emergencies, which means no long waits in between service calls, a thing unheard of in our industry.

Some common appliance faults we address are:

  • Appliance not cooling
  • Loud consistent noises
  • Ice build-up inside the compartment
  • Failure to regulate temperature
  • Faulty displays
  • Unit fails to turn on or goes off intermittently
  • >

Such issues may be associated with a faulty thermostat and evaporator, a defective condenser fan, and even a broken compressor. We understand the inconvenience it causes when any of these issues occur. No one would love to put up with warm drinks and soggy sandwiches for a few days or more. You deserve to cool off while enjoying a cold beverage on a hot day. That’s why we’ll be there when you need us the most, fast and friendly Sub-Zero appliance repair services, as always.

When to Contact a Sub-Zero Repair Company

As Sub-Zero appliance repair technicians, we know appliance owners rely on their cooling units to work flawlessly. They require them to keep food fresh and beverages cold all year, providing the best value for money. Besides, an average Sub-Zero machine is generally quite expensive, and so are the repairs. If you are one who stocks a lot of food and drinks in the appliance, you’ll want to keep it in the best possible condition and for a good reason. These groceries are valuable in terms of both money and necessity, and can’t go to waste. It’s more crucial when your business depends on fresh products for delivery or sale. This implies that you can’t undermine the need for a Sub-Zero appliance repair service provider on-demand.

You can contact us when you notice the following:

  • The water dispenser doesn’t functione
  • A potential fire hazard anytime the appliance turns on
  • Poor circulation of cold air within the compartment
  • Door doesn’t close completely
  • Compressor turns on and off constantly
  • The interior temperature fluctuates
  • No defrosting within the unit
  • Unusual odor from the appliance, and more

At Sub-Zero Appliance Repair of Boston, our techs offer same-day Sub-Zero appliance repair services to meet your demands. Plus our diagnostics tools and software enable us to accurately identify the problem within minutes. We are not only proficient in fixing the refrigeration equipment; we also are an authorized dealer of factory-approved parts. Each OEM component we use is thoroughly tested for compliance with the standard requirements of your unit. All work done by us comes with a warranty. That way, you won’t spend money fixing your freezer or refrigerator twice.

Top-Rated Appliance Repair Company

When it comes to appliance repairs, we are highly motivated to go the extra mile to make a positive impact in the lives of our customers by offering them the highest quality and most affordable Sub-Zero appliance repair services. In our line of work, there is a lot at stake regarding the safety, durability, and performance of your home equipment. We consider this factor to provide nothing short of top quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Our excellent customer service keeps your best interests at heart. These and more set us apart from other service providers in the Greater Boston Area region.